Randall Ebright, also known as El Gringo Loco (born May 16, 1977 in Houston, Texas, USA) is the drummer and vocalist of the Mexican group Molotov, but rarely plays guitar and bass. The group has drawn heavily on his complete command of English (mother tongue) and taste for rap, to the point that in almost every song from Molotov there is a segment of him rapping in English.


In 1992 he came to Mexico to finish high school, where he had many friends for being introverted. Since I had many friends and where to play, he began to play drums, participating in various groups and musical styles, until he came with some young rappers that made him feel comfortable.

randy ebright miembro de molotov y marcello lara el gerente

In 1995 Jay de la Cueva recruits him to enter Molotov after the departure of "The Quesadillera" of the band.
Taking 16 years, Randy had already been investigated by the FBI, after calling 63 times a federal judge to threaten him, all this was a "little joke" Randy, plus get a house to steal valuables. With Molotov would record six albums and toured undertake various countries of Latin America and elsewhere.

In 2001, a break is about Molotov, by which his friends Randy Jay de la Cueva, Javier Ramírez (Cha!) and Inaki are Moderatto. Randy is involved in recording the first album by the band, playing drums Resurrexión. Two years later Randy Moderatto leaves and is replaced by Elohim Corona (current drummer Moderatto) and Molotov members reunited to form the album "Dance And Dense Denso".

Randy is the author of songs such as Molotov: Molotov Cocktail Party, Use It or Loose It, Yuck Q 'Rico, etc.
In 1999 along with Molotov did a cover of the famous song by Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina.

Molotov announced their separation in January 2007 (which ultimately was just a media strategy). Each member of the band recorded an EP separately then became part of the band's latest album, Eternamiente.

Their EP, called Miss songs, has lyrics: Guacala Que Rico, Blame Me, Common Sense, Watts and Outro (sing Randy's daughters). Their EP is very personal, for example, the song Blame Me (in Spanish "Blame") is dedicated to his ex-wife and talks about the problems they had during their relationship, including the little initiative of his wife to recover her marriage.

In 2010, Kevin makes a cameo in the series as I am your fan of Once TV Mexico. It also makes a cameo in the new ESPN series "The Ten" in September 2011.

Randy married Muriel Perez Hernandez on January 21, 2012 in Mexico City.


With Molotov
  • ¿Dónde jugarán las niñas? (1997)
  • Molomix (1998)
  • Apocalypshit (1999)
  • Dance and Dense Denso (2003)
  • Con Todo Respeto (2004)
  • Eternamiente (2007)
  • Desde rusia con amor (2011)

With Moderatto

  • Resurrexión (2001)

With Kinky

  • Those Girls (Single) (Colaboración) (2009)

With Royal Bloodline

  • Royal Bloodline (2010)